A few days ago, Elon Musk implemented a rule that required people to have a Twitter account in order to see tweets. However, after facing criticism for this decision, Twitter has quietly reversed the requirement. Now, anyone can view tweets without having to log in.

In brief

-Twitter has silently eliminated the requirement to log in to see tweets.
-Now, individuals can read tweets even if they don’t have a Twitter account.
-However, there is a condition or limitation involved.Recent Changes to Twitter’s Viewing Access: What You Need to Know


Elon Musk’s Twitter updates access, alters viewing experience on platform. Initially, people without Twitter accounts were blocked from viewing tweets, causing widespread criticism. However, Twitter has now reversed this decision to some extent, allowing non-account holders to view tweets but with limitations. Let’s delve into the details.

Revised Viewing Access for Non-Account Holders:

Twitter has modified its policy, enabling users without accounts to view tweets, but with certain restrictions. No login, only first tweet visible, can’t access rest of thread. Additionally, some users may still face viewing restrictions, even after the reversal.

Limited Access for Non-Account Holders:

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still view individual tweets if you have a direct link to them. However, you won’t be able to view multiple tweets in a thread. When trying to interact with a tweet without logging in, you will be prompted to sign in to access additional content.

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Example: Elon Musk’s Tweets:

To demonstrate the impact of these changes, we attempted to view one of Elon Musk’s tweets without signing in. With a direct link, we could see the specific tweet, but we were unable to load other tweets or access Musk’s profile without logging in.

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Lack of Official Announcement:

Neither Twitter nor Elon Musk has made an official announcement regarding this reversal of viewing access restrictions. Musk: Non-account holder block temporary due to excessive data scraping affecting performance.

Rate Limiting and User Dissatisfaction:

Twitter also introduced a rate limit, which received backlash from users. This limit restricts the number of tweets a user can view per day. Verified accounts have a higher limit of thousands of tweets, while unverified accounts are limited to a few hundred. This change led to widespread dissatisfaction among Twitter users, prompting some to explore alternative platforms.

Elon Musk’s Explanation:

Elon Musk explained on Twitter that high levels of data scraping and system manipulation were the reasons behind the implementation of these extreme measures. He outlined the temporary limits, allowing verified accounts to read up to 6,000 posts per day, unverified accounts up to 600 posts per day, and new unverified accounts up to 300 posts per day.

Twitter CEO’s Justification:

Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino justified these changes by stating that sometimes “big moves” are necessary to strengthen a platform. The intention behind these alterations is to address data scraping concerns and ensure a better user experience.


Twitter’s recent changes to viewing access have sparked controversy, with initial restrictions on non-account holders and subsequent modifications. While users without accounts can now view tweets, limitations still exist, such as being able to see only the first tweet in a thread. These changes were made to combat data scraping issues, although they have received criticism from users. Twitter aims to strike a balance between user privacy and platform integrity, and further updates may follow as the situation evolves.

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