Astra Tech has introduced its inaugural autonomous shopping store in Abu Dhabi’s Sky Tower, utilizing exclusively artificial intelligence for its operation.

Introducing ‘B Store,’ an innovative retail concept in the UAE that aims to enhance the shopping experience by simplifying payment procedures and reducing inconveniences. Using cutting-edge AI technology and seamless cloud connection, B Store provides a smooth and automatic shopping experience. Here, customers can easily pay using facial recognition without any hassle. This integration of facial recognition technology sets Astra Tech’s autonomous store apart from others in the industry. This shop mainly specializes in offering groceries that can stay fresh for a long time. Their main goal is to make sure customers are happy and find shopping easy. They’ve made the whole shopping process smooth, from when you enter the store to when you pay, so that you can have a stress-free and comfy time while shopping.

Here’s how the technology operates at B Store:

1).Customers are greeted by an ELO screen at the entry gates, displaying the message “Tap or Scan to Enter.” They offer two ways to pay: either by tapping their card on the machine you use to pay at a store, or by using Payby’s special FacePay feature.

2).For card payments, customers proceed to tap the POS machine with their cards. When using FacePay, people just need to go to the FacePay machine and look at it. After completing the payment, a screen will inquire whether they desire a receipt on an ELO screen.

3).After selecting their preferred option, the gates open, allowing customers access to the store. Inside, customers can easily retrieve their desired items.

4).We send customers a text message thanking them for visiting as soon as they leave the store. This message also lets them know that we are processing their receipt. The note contains a web link that customers can press to see their receipt.

Valeriya Thores, who oversees Astra Tech’s online shopping independently, is really excited about the start and emphasizes how facial recognition technology is changing the retail business. The company is fully committed to making things easy and safe for its customers.

Astra Tech’s Ultra app revolutionizes the shopping experience by incorporating advanced AI technology to introduce an autonomous store concept. By adding the ability to recognize faces, customers can now easily complete transactions. This sets a new standard for making things more convenient and efficient.

In January, Astra Tech bought Botim, which is a technology that lets you talk over the internet in places like the Middle East and North Africa. This is a step Astra Tech took to become a really good app again. To enhance the growth of Botim, the company intends to pursue further strategic acquisitions while fostering collaboration between its architecture, research, development, and tech teams. This collaborative effort aims to expedite the design and development processes.

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