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It’s been over half a year since ChatGPT came into the picture. Since then, AI has been popping up in various ways. The people behind OpenAI and ChatGPT are now focusing on the next level of AI and how to manage its potential risks. In a blog post, they talked about their thoughts on Superintelligent AI. They believe that Superintelligence could be the biggest game-changer ever, surpassing any technology we’ve created before. It might even assist us in tackling some of the most significant global issues we face. But the vast power of superintelligence could also be very dangerous, and could lead to the disempowerment of humanity or even human extinction,” the company said.

OpenAI thinks that right now, there’s no way to safely control a super smart AI and stop it from going haywire. This is why they’re putting together a brand new team to work on this problem.

What will the new team work on?

The company plans to tackle the challenge of superintelligence alignment by assembling a team of leading experts in machine learning. OpenAI is committing a significant portion of its computing resources for the next four years to address this issue. Emphasizing their dedication, OpenAI stated, “Our primary focus is on our Superalignment team for fundamental research, but we recognize the importance of collaborative efforts. We anticipate various teams contributing by creating innovative approaches and implementing them at a larger scale to achieve our mission.”

OpenAI sees the challenge of aligning superintelligence as a machine-learning issue. To tackle this, they’re seeking talented new researchers and engineers to join their team. OpenAI emphasizes that exceptional machine-learning experts, even if not focused on alignment initially, will play a vital role in addressing this challenge effectively.

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