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In Haryana’s Nuh district, there were violent incidents recently. Because of this, the police chief Varun Singla has been shifted to a different job in Bhiwani. Remember, Singla wasn’t there when the fights happened because he was on a break.

The government has appointed Narendra Bijarniya as the new SP of Nuh, who was temporarily handling Singla’s responsibilities during his absence. Earlier, Bijarniya held the position of SP in Bhiwani. He was responsible for maintaining law and order not only in Bhiwani but also in Nuh and the surrounding regions. Now, he will officially take over as SP of Nuh.


In the fights, six individuals passed away, and among them were two home guards.

The government is really concerned about what’s happening, and they’ve promised to make sure the people who caused the violence will be punished. They want everyone to know that the situation is getting better in the state. To keep things calm, they’re going to create a special team of police called the Rapid Action Force. These are the people who stop riots, and they’ll have a base in Nuh. This way, if there’s more trouble in the future, they can react quickly and stop it.

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