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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during an online conference on Sunday, marked the beginning of a significant project for upgrading railway stations in India. This initiative encompasses 15 chosen stations in Haryana, with one of them being the Pataudi Road station in the city.

PM Modi strongly focused on quickly developing the “new India.” He talked about the country’s newfound energy, inspiration, and determination.

This plan is a piece of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. This plan wants to upgrade 508 train stations all over India. The whole cost of this plan is Rs 24,470 crore. The first step of this plan involves 15 stations in Haryana. These are Pataudi Road, Faridabad, Ambala City, Bhiwani Junction, Hisar, Bahadurgarh, Jind Junction, Narwana Junction, Narnaul, Kalka, Rewari, Rohtak, Sirsa, Sonipat, and Yamunanagar-Jagadhari.

In a virtual speech, Prime Minister Modi talked about a big idea. This idea is about improving around 1,300 train stations in India. This will happen in stages. The main aim is to make train travel easy and fun for everyone, not just something you can do, but something you can really enjoy.

“He strives to create the best possible travel moments, both while riding trains and while waiting at stations, making sure that people feel incredibly comfortable and happy.”

“Transformed train stations to propel India’s progress, enriching the way visitors feel, and igniting the advancement of the nation.”

“Improved train stations lure tourists, uplift local economy. ‘One Station One Product’ empowers artisans, enhancing district prestige.” – PM Modi

Around 250 million rupees are expected to be used to make the Pataudi Road station better. This plan includes creating a new part of the building and making the outside of the station look better. Other improvements include a big bridge for people to walk over the tracks, nicer places for passengers to wait, a special room for important people, a place to park, better bathrooms, a cafeteria inside the station, different doors to come in and go out, and making the announcements for passengers better.

Haryana’s governor, Bandaru Dattatreya, spoke about Indian Railways’ ongoing improvements over nine years at the event.

“This includes efforts to enhance infrastructure, technology, and passenger amenities. The Amrit Bharat Station scheme aims to offer world-class facilities to railway passengers. The comprehensive plan involves upgrading stations, creating tracks, ensuring electric trains, and improving safety for passengers and the rail system. He shared these goals for a better travel experience.

Rao Inderjit Singh, who is a Union Minister and also represents Gurgaon in Parliament, talked to the crowd. He said choosing Pataudi station could greatly change regional train travel.

“Thanks to Prime Minister Modi’s forward-thinking ideas, the train services in the southern part of Haryana have expanded remarkably.” Gratitude for transformative progress.” This has created new job opportunities and chances for people to work for themselves in the region, all because of the specialized railway route for transporting goods. Moreover, the construction of a new rail corridor, the Haryana Rail Orbital Corridor, with an investment of around Rs 5,600 crore, will significantly boost the region’s development,” Singh concluded during the ceremony.

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