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Popular Actor Govinda recently found himself in a Twitter controversy when a tweet from his personal account condemned communal violence in Gurugram. He quickly tweeted, and then he deactivated his account. Many thought he quit social media due to mean people online. Govinda clarified on Instagram that someone had stolen his account and he hadn’t discussed the sensitive topic.

Govinda made a video on Instagram to tell his followers that his Twitter account got hacked. He wanted them to know that a tweet from his account about Haryana wasn’t his doing. He wanted his fans from Haryana to understand that he hadn’t been using his Twitter lately. He said again that the tweet didn’t come from him or his team. He vowed to take the matter seriously and lodge a complaint with the cybercrime department to investigate the hacking.

The hack happened at a suspicious time. This was right after the person received praise for standing up and speaking against violence that affects communities. People on social media liked that this person was brave enough to talk about important problems in our country. People appreciated this notably as other well-known Bollywood actors chose to remain silent on these same matters. Some users on social media also said negative things about other celebrities, like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Anushka Sharma. They said these celebrities were quick to talk about problems in other countries, like the Black Lives Matter movement, but didn’t say anything about problems in our own country.

In summary, Govinda took to Instagram to clarify misunderstandings about his Twitter account’s shutdown. He explained that a hack caused the problem. The actor also promised to handle the situation and emphasized how vital it is to openly discuss significant problems the country is dealing with.

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