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The company sells packaged software applications for various business needs, including industry-specific software, project management tools, customer relationship management, analytics, and testing solutions.

Unveiling the Remarkable Expansion of Sonata Software: An Attractive Chance for Investment!

Over the last ten years, Sonata Software has been a real winner for people who invested in it. It has given them big profits and returns on their investment. In fact, the shares have surged an astounding 4300% in the last ten years. To put this in perspective, a Rs 10,000 investment in this stock a decade ago would now be worth Rs 4 lakh, according to ET Markets’ analysis.

The firm, with a worth of around Rs 14,500 crore, holds a significant position in the technology-centric business solutions industry. The company offers diverse packaged software applications, such as breed software, technical expertise, management tools, and more. These are different types of tools that businesses use to help them work better. They include things like software for planning resources, keeping track of customers, analyzing data, and managing testing.

Lately, the way the stock has been doing is truly impressive. In the last three years, it surged by 250%. In the last five years, it achieved an amazing growth of 488% in profits.

Ownership-wise, public shareholders hold the largest stake at 70.77%, with mutual funds and foreign investors owning around 13.57% and 13.01%, respectively. Retail investors, on the other hand, hold a combined share of 22.63% in the company.

Sonata Software did really well in terms of money during the first three months until June ended. Total revenues grew by 8% year on year, reaching Rs 235 crore. The Profit After Tax (PAT) stood at Rs 3.71 crore.

Looking at the technical side, the stock appears to have good potential and is displaying positive trends in its daily and weekly charts.

Momentum indicators show a buy zone. The stock’s value is currently higher than its average prices over both short and long periods, indicating a robust upward trend.

According to experts like Ravi Singh, Vice President and Head of Research at Share India, the stock is expected to touch levels of 1150 in the medium term. It is currently under consolidation, trading near 21 DEMA (Daily Exponential Moving Average), with the Relative Strength Index (RSI) above 50 levels on the daily chart. Experts recommend viewing any drops in the stock’s price as chances to buy, advising a stop loss at Rs 999 and a short-term target of Rs 1,120.

If you’re looking to invest in a technology-driven business solution company, consider Sonata Software. This investment has done really well in the past and is expected to continue doing well in the future. So, it could be a great choice to consider adding it to your investment collection!

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