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Maruti Suzuki recently shared big news: they’re giving Suzuki Motor Company Ltd more shares in the company. This means Suzuki’s ownership in Maruti Suzuki is going up from about 56% to around 58%.

They’re also paying a lot of money (₹10,420.85 for each share) to buy all the shares of Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited. That adds up to ₹12,800 crore!

In October 2023, Maruti Suzuki sold a record number of cars, reaching 199,217 units. They even sent more cars to other countries, up by 7% compared to last year.

Looking at the whole year until October 2023, their sales went up by 8.36%. That’s about 96,456 more cars sold compared to the same time last year.

Maruti Suzuki noticed that people want more big cars and fewer small ones. So, they’re planning to make more SUVs and cut back on making small cars.

Rahul Bharti, a big shot at Maruti Suzuki, mentioned they faced some problems because they made too many slow-selling cars. He said they would’ve been better off if they could switch production quickly to meet the demand.

On the stock market, Maruti Suzuki’s share price closed at ₹10,481 each, a bit lower than when it opened at ₹10,520 on Friday, November 24.”

This version keeps the essence of the original information but simplifies the technical details and financial jargon for easier understanding.

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