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Today in Delhi, the price of 24-carat gold for 10 grams is Rs. 62,170, and for 1 kilogram of silver, it’s Rs. 73,149. In the last week, the cost of 24-carat gold went down by 1.05%, and in the last month, it decreased by 0.39%.

The price for 22-carat gold is Rs. 57,000 for 10 grams, and it increased by Rs. 350. Similarly, the cost of 24-carat gold per gram is Rs. 6,217, which has gone up by Rs. 380.

Different cities have slightly varying prices. In Chennai, 10 grams of gold costs Rs. 62,510, and 1 kilogram of silver is Rs. 73,149. In Mumbai and Kolkata, 10 grams of gold are priced at Rs. 62,020, with silver at Rs. 73,149 per kilogram. In Delhi, it’s Rs. 62,170 for 10 grams of gold and Rs. 73,149 for 1 kilogram of silver.

Futures trading shows that gold futures for December 2023 on MCX were at Rs. 61,117 per 10 grams, a decrease of 0.176%. Silver futures for March 2024 on MCX stood at Rs. 74,801 per kilogram, down by 0.136%.

Various factors affect these price fluctuations. Jewelry experts, global demand for gold, currency differences between countries, interest rates, and government regulations regarding gold trade all contribute. Moreover, things such as the worldwide economy and how powerful the US dollar is compared to other currencies can also impact the prices of gold in India.

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