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ChatGPT has become really popular in the tech world. It’s loved by people online, but hackers also want to use it for bad reasons. A cybersecurity company in Singapore found something important. They discovered that a huge number of 101,134 devices got infected with bad software that stole ChatGPT passwords.

A company called Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence found out that these stolen passwords are being sold on the dark web. Bad people are using sneaky software to steal personal information from users.

By May 2023, the cybersecurity team saw that there were a lot of stolen ChatGPT accounts being sold, and the number went up to 26,802.

Lots of people are using ChatGPT at work because it helps them. But here’s the thing: ChatGPT remembers all the stuff people ask it and the answers it gives. So, if someone used ChatGPT for private or secret stuff, that info could be used to hurt companies and their workers.

The researchers from Group-IB found out that most of these stolen ChatGPT passwords were from the Asia-Pacific area. This happened a lot between June 2022 and May 2023, and those passwords were being sold.

Out of all the stolen passwords, a big bunch of 40,999 came from the Asia-Pacific region. After that, 24,925 passwords were from the Middle East and Africa, 16,951 from Europe, and 12,314 from Latin America. When we look at which countries were targeted the most, India had the highest number of stolen passwords with 12,632. Pakistan was next with 9,217, then Brazil with 6,531, Vietnam with 4,771, Egypt with 4,588, the United States with 2,995, France with 2,923, Morocco with 2,647, Indonesia with 2,555, and Bangladesh with 2,463 stolen passwords.

To stay safe from these stolen accounts, it’s really important to change your password often. Also, be careful and don’t put secret or important info into chatbots like ChatGPT. If you want the newest tech news and updates, you can follow Gadgets Now on Facebook and Twitter.

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