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IndiGo Airlines has started new flights that travel directly between Delhi and Tbilisi three times a week. This helps people travel more conveniently between these two cities by air.

Tbilisi, which is the main city of Georgia, has become even more connected now. This newly introduced flight path is quite special because it marks the 29th international place and the 107th place in total that IndiGo Airlines now operates flights to.

This is really exciting news because it’s the very first time a nonstop flight has connected Delhi and Tbilisi. Think of it like a flying bridge that links these two locations together. It’s making travel between them much easier! This is important for businesses, trade, and culture between India and Georgia.

The airline is proud of this new route and sees it as a way to make the bond between India and Georgia even stronger. Since Delhi and Tbilisi have things in common, like a long history and interesting culture, this new flight route will be helpful for travelers.

Vinay Malhotra, the person responsible for selling tickets at IndiGo, expressed his joy about launching a fresh flight connecting Delhi and Tbilisi. He mentioned, “We are truly excited about commencing this new air route.” Tbilisi is a fascinating city in Georgia. This is our 29th international destination, and we hope this flight makes it easy for people to explore both countries. We aim to provide our customers with an excellent travel adventure. We’re thrilled about the opportunity to link up additional cities and countries for them to explore.

In simple words, IndiGo Airlines has started flying directly from Delhi to Tbilisi three times a week. This is a significant move because it marks the initial instance when individuals can directly fly between these two locations. Tbilisi serves as the capital of Georgia, and this fresh flight holds significance in linking India and Georgia in terms of business and culture. IndiGo takes pride in establishing this connection and aims to offer its customers an excellent travel adventure.

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