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Cracking NEET-UG and Class 12 Board Exams Together: A Guide

If you’re dreaming of a career in medicine in India, you’ll likely have to tackle both the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduates (NEET-UG) and your Class 12 board exams. Juggling these two can be a bit tricky, but fear not—here are some simple tips to help you strike that balance.

1. Master the Basics:
  • Dive into your NCERT textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Make personalized notes, highlight the essentials, and practice problems based on NCERT content.
2. Time Management is Key:
  • Craft a realistic study schedule that considers your school workload, NEET preparation, and well-deserved breaks. Initially, give more time to NEET and adjust as your board exams draw near. Stick to your plan and steer clear of procrastination.
3. Nail the Important Topics:
  • Identify NEET-specific topics that might not be as emphasized in your board exams, like advanced organic chemistry. Allocate some extra study time to these critical areas.
4. Practice Regularly:
  • Solve past NEET and board exam papers to understand exam patterns and question types. Take mock tests regularly to track your progress, pinpoint weak areas, and boost your confidence.
5. Self-Care Matters:
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Ensure a good sleep routine, eat nutritious meals, and include regular exercise in your routine. Prioritize your mental well-being by taking breaks, practicing relaxation techniques, and seeking support from loved ones to avoid stress.
6. Get Support When Needed:
  • Consider joining coaching classes or exploring online resources for NEET-focused preparation. Reach out to teachers for clarification on subjects and guidance for board exams. Feel free to reach out for assistance whenever you require it.
7. Believe in Yourself:
  • Stay positive and motivated. Understand that consistent effort and a strategic approach will lead to success. Embrace every success, even the tiny ones. Believe in yourself, and know you’ve got what it takes to shine in your exams.

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