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Transforming Education in Uttar Pradesh: PM SHRI Schools Initiative

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan jointly launched the PM SHRI schools initiative in Uttar Pradesh, aiming to enrich the educational scenario. The initiative aims to uplift 928 schools by providing them with modern facilities and turning them into integrated campuses.

Vision for Progress

During the launch event at Lok Bhawan, Adityanath emphasized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisions India leading globally through the National Education Policy-2020. Uttar Pradesh, in alignment with this vision, is fully committed to advancing education.

Scope of the Initiative

The PM Schools for Rising India (SHRI) Yojana is transforming 1753 schools in Uttar Pradesh. In the first phase, 928 schools will receive modern amenities.

Financial Boost

Adityanath and Union Minister Pradhan allocated a substantial amount of Rs 404 crore for the modernization program. ‘Project Anlakar’ funneled an extra Rs 347 crore for enhancing secondary school infrastructure development.

National Education Policy 2020 in Action

Adityanath highlighted that the PM SHRI Yojna, announced by Prime Minister Modi on Teacher’s Day in 2022, aligns with the objectives of the National Education Policy 2020. This visionary scheme is set to inspire five crore students in the state.

Key Features

The PM Shri Vidyalayas will offer a host of facilities, including Smart Classrooms, Digital Libraries, Science Laboratories, Computer Labs, Bal Vatikas, additional classrooms, and quality furniture.

Extensive Coverage

Pradhan shared that around a thousand schools in Uttar Pradesh, overseen by the Central and state governments, are part of the PM SHRI initiative.

Building for the Future

The initiative doesn’t just upgrade schools; it constructs modern facilities that will serve as vehicles for implementing the National Education Policy 2020. It’s a stride towards a brighter, more advanced education system in Uttar Pradesh.

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