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Reliance Jio Introduces Fresh Prepaid Packages: Enjoy Boundless 5G Data, Plus SonyLiv and Zee5 Access!

Reliance Jio, India’s leading telecom operator, has introduced new prepaid packages that offer boundless 5G data, as well as access to popular streaming services SonyLiv and Zee5. These packages are perfect for users who want to enjoy the best of both worlds: high-speed data and access to their favorite TV shows and movies.

Features of the new prepaid packages:
  • Boundless 5G data: The new prepaid plans include unlimited 5G data, ensuring users can enjoy fast internet without data restrictions.
  • Access to SonyLiv and Zee5: The new prepaid packages also offer access to SonyLiv and Zee5, two of India’s most popular streaming services. This means that Users can enjoy TV and movies on the go, worry-free about extra expenses.
  • Other benefits: The new prepaid plans provide unlimited 5G data, SonyLiv, and Zee5 access. You’ll also enjoy unlimited calls, texts, and discounts on other services.
Pricing of the new prepaid packages:

The new prepaid packages are available at a variety of price points, starting at just Rs. 299. This makes them affordable for users of all budgets.


The new prepaid packages from Reliance Jio offer a great value for money. They offer boundless 5G data, access to popular streaming services, and a number of other benefits at an affordable price. If you are looking for a new prepaid package, then the new offerings from Reliance Jio are definitely worth considering.

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