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Instagram’s iPad App Not Top Priority: Hear CEO Adam Mosseri’s Thoughts

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has once again confirmed that an iPad app is not a priority for the company. This means that iPad users who are expecting an iPadOS version of the app will have to wait some more.

Why doesn’t Instagram have a dedicated iPad app?

Mosseri offered a few reasons for why Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated iPad app. First, he said that the company has a limited team and needs to focus on the most important features for its users. Second, he said that the iPad user base is smaller than the iPhone user base, so it’s not as high of a priority for the company. Finally, he said that the company is happy with the current experience of using Instagram on the iPad through the web app.

What do iPad users think?

Many iPad users are disappointed that Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated app. They say that the web app experience is not as good as a native app. For example, the web app doesn’t allow users to use all of the features of Instagram, such as posting photos and videos from the iPad camera.

What’s next for Instagram on iPad?

It’s unclear when or if Instagram will develop a dedicated iPad app. Mosseri said that it’s “a good thing to have at some point,” but he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to develop it.


Instagram’s decision not to prioritize an iPad app is frustrating for many users. However, it’s clear that the company has other priorities at the moment. It’s possible that Instagram will develop an iPad app in the future, but it’s not something that users should expect anytime soon.

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