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Feeling worn out and lacking energy during the rainy season? Besides the weather, what you eat can also impact how energetic you feel. In this piece, we’ll uncover why you might feel low on energy when it’s rainy and offer you five foods that can enhance your energy while also maintaining your health. Let’s get started and learn more!

Why Do You Feel Lethargic During Monsoon?

When the rainy season comes, our eating habits can shift a lot. We might start wanting more fried stuff like pakodas, samosas, and bhajis. These foods have lots of fat and carbs. If we eat too much of these heavy dishes, we might feel really full and lack energy throughout the day. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to adjust what we eat so we can stay full of energy and stay active even when it’s raining.

Five Foods That Can Boost Your Energy Level in Monsoon:

1. Masala Chai:
Rain and masala chai are a perfect match. The mix of cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger in this spiced tea gives you vital nutrients to stay nourished and strengthen your immunity. Plus, the tea’s caffeine offers a revitalizing jolt. Give our easy masala chai recipe a go – guaranteed deliciousness!

2. Soup:
During cold weather, there’s no match for the cozy delight of a steaming bowl of soup. It’s not just about feeling good; it’s also a fantastic way to give your body the fluids and important nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. Explore a few of our best-loved soup recipes to bring some tasty diversity to your meals.

3. Khichdi:
Khichdi, a blend of lentils and rice, forms a nutritious dish with balanced nutrients. Lentils bring rich nutrients, while rice offers energy-boosting carbs. This combo creates a nutritional powerhouse that’s simple to cook. Explore tasty dal khichdi recipes for a fulfilling meal.

4. Kadhas and Herbal Drinks:
Discover age-old kadhas, combining herbs and spices, revered in traditional medicine. Strengthen immunity, gain vitality, and ward off seasonal flu. Embrace special monsoon kadha recipes for wellness and vigor.

5. Probiotics:
A happy tummy is key to staying energized. A well-functioning gut aids digestion and metabolism, ensuring you stay lively. During the rainy season, watch out for tummy troubles like bloating, heartburn, and digestion hiccups. Boost your diet with probiotics to tackle these issues. These friendly bacteria foster a balanced gut environment, curbing discomfort. Explore different probiotics and how they help for a healthier you.

Although it might be really tempting to munch on fried snacks when it’s rainy, it’s super important to find a middle ground between eating good-for-you foods and treating yourself. Just keep in mind that too much of anything can be bad for your health. Try to go for a nourishing diet and include these foods that can give you an energy boost. This way, you can fully enjoy the rainy season while also taking care of your health. Stay well and savor the rainfall!

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