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Exciting Update for IndiGo Flyers: Direct Flights to Tashkent Now Available!

Exciting news for people who love to travel! IndiGo has gotten the official permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to start flying to Tashkent, which is in Uzbekistan. This is all part of IndiGo’s plan to grow and have more flights.

Starting on September 22, IndiGo will start having flights to Tashkent. This is really great for travelers because it gives them a new option for flying. The DGCA said it’s okay for IndiGo to start these flights from September 6, so anytime after that, IndiGo can start flying to Tashkent.

Here’s the cool part: IndiGo will have four flights every week that go straight from Delhi to Tashkent. This is a big deal because it gives people more ways to travel to other countries. Tashkent will be the 31st place outside of India where IndiGo flies to.

This shows that IndiGo really wants to make it easy for people to travel and have more choices. With this permission, anyone who’s excited to explore and have new adventures in Tashkent can start planning. There are so many interesting things to experience there, especially the cultural things.

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