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The officials responsible for Nuh are preparing to use bulldozers once more. They told government departments to find and mark buildings that were built without permission, so they can send notices to have them torn down.

In just four days, from August 3rd to the 6th, authorities demolished around 350 buildings. These structures included tall buildings, makeshift homes, and hotels that were somehow connected to the people involved in the conflict that happened in Nuh on July 31st.

However, on August 7th, a court in Punjab and Haryana stepped in. This court had been closely watching the situation and decided to stop the bulldozers. They wanted to investigate if these actions were an attempt to push a specific group of people out of the area, almost like trying to force them away. The court plans to discuss this matter further in their upcoming meeting on August 18th.

Recently, Dhirendra Khadgata, the person in charge of Nuh, instructed government teams like councils, local leaders, and forest workers to look into cases where private properties were occupying land that belongs to the public. They were supposed to identify the owners of these properties and give them a warning. If things proceeded as planned, the officials could then dismantle those structures.

Khadgata emphasized the importance of following all the rules before carrying out demolitions. This means letting everyone know about the steps we’re taking and giving them a heads-up. He also emphasized that the different teams in charge of the city should share what they’re doing with each other when they meet every month.

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