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NEW DELHI: India set a new record for its imports of Russian oil last month, indicating that the country may be reaching the maximum limit of its purchases from the major OPEC+ producer. In June, the amount of oil being used each day was 2.2 million barrels. This number has been going up consistently for ten months in a row. New information from a company called Kpler shows that Russia bought more oil than both Saudi Arabia and Iraq combined, once again. India became a significant consumer of Russian oil after the invasion of Ukraine. Yet, the country’s ability to purchase things might be getting close to its maximum because there are problems with the basic systems and the importance of keeping good connections with other sellers. Kpler, a company that studies this, says that the things the country brings in might go down next month because there won’t be as much stuff coming from Russia. Among the buyers, state-owned Indian Oil Corp has been the largest purchaser of Russian crude in the past two months, followed by Reliance Industries Ltd, according to Kpler. In June, India brought in a larger amount of Urals crude oil than ever before, hitting a new record of 1.5 million barrels per day. This data comes from an analytics company.

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