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WASHINGTON, DC: Expressing his enthusiasm for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to the United States, William Blair, Vice-President of Lockheed Martin in India, described it as a momentous occasion that would propel the bilateral relationship between the two nations to new heights.

In an interview with ANI, Blair said, “Prime Minister Modi’s visit is a really big deal. It shows we’re making important progress in our friendship with India and getting ready to take it to an even higher level.” This collaboration holds immense potential for enhancing supply chain resilience across various sectors, including defense and aerospace.”

Lockheed Martin, a famous American company that makes things for flying, protecting, and using technology, has been working with India to sell defense things to the United States. They have sold about $650 million of these things.

“For more than ten years, we have partnered with TATA in India. This has helped us make strong chains of suppliers. We’re happy that we have already sold about $650 million of defense things from India to the United States,” Blair said.

When asked about how they work with India in defense, Blair said, “We’re really excited about something called Indus X. It’s like a bridge for new ideas in defense and space. It helps Indian and American startups work together.”  Additionally, we are working on defense industrial collaboration roadmaps. These initiatives will serve as catalysts for industry connectivity, bringing startups together to function as a unified ecosystem.”

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, the esteemed US aerospace major, Lockheed Martin, is a global leader in security and aerospace solutions. The company is really busy working on researching, designing, making, and taking care of high-tech systems, products, and services.

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