If you want to apply, you can go to the official website– code.iitm.ac.in/construction-technology-and-management. The deadline to apply is August 20th.

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IIT Madras has launched a new online certification course called Construction Technology and Management. If you’re interested, you can register on their official website at code.iitm.ac.in/construction-technology-and-management.

You have until August 20 to apply for the program, but if you apply before July 31, you’ll be eligible for early bird admissions. The online course will start on September 1.

In this course, you’ll learn about the latest advancements in construction technology and management. It will be taught online and consists of 126 hours of recorded instruction and 42 hours of live interaction with faculty experts.

The course has ten modules that cover topics like Engineering Economics, Concrete Technology, Road and Pavement Technology, Construction Planning and Control, Construction Processes & Productivity, Quality, Durability and Repair, Safety, Construction Contracts, and Resource Constrained Schedule Optimization.

This course is designed for professionals working in structural design and construction firms. It is also beneficial for engineering college faculty and students who plan to work in the construction industry. By taking this program, you’ll gain knowledge of cutting-edge construction management techniques and methods.

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