The main goal of this center is to improve the way people learn about managing businesses and conducting research. It focuses on specific topics that are important to both countries and aims to make education and research in those areas better.

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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Kozhikode will soon create a special center called the ‘India-Japan Study and Research Centre’. This center aims to enhance education in management and research on shared interests of India and Japan.

This collaboration will give students a chance to take part in exchange programs with various Japanese universities. It means they can travel to Japan and study there for a period of time.

To guide the activities of this center from Japan’s side, Professor Rajib Shaw from Keio University has been appointed as a Visiting Professor.

“We are creating this center because India and Japan have shared interests in different subjects.” This initiative will enable us to share knowledge and expertise in areas of mutual interest, fostering collaborations between researchers and facilitating exchange programs for students with Japanese universities. Additionally, it will help people in India learn more about Japan and vice versa through research, training, and other management development programs,” said Professor Debashis Chatterjee, who is the Director of IIMK.

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