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HFCL Limited is excited to be the first Indian company launching its 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solution. As a top telecom infrastructure provider, HFCL introduces a game-changing indigenous 5G FWA product, set to transform wireless connectivity.

HFCL designed 5G FWA Products for a smooth broadband experience, like optical fiber, on 5G wireless networks. This breakthrough aims to bridge the digital gap, especially in areas where broadband access is lacking, ensuring flawless connectivity. This homegrown innovation highlights HFCL’s strong commitment to shaping the future of communication not only in India but globally.

HFCL’s 5G FWA products excel by delivering high-speed, reliable broadband access. They enhance device experiences and provide faster speeds, standing out in the market. This versatile FWA solution works across different bands (Sub 6 GHz, mmWave) and technologies (5G Standalone and 5G non-standalone with LTE), both indoors and outdoors. It eliminates the need for physical cable connections, acting as a vital link between the 5G network and end-user devices for enhanced connectivity. Currently undergoing trials with domestic and international customers, these products are on the cusp of transforming the way we connect.

Mahendra Nahata, HFCL’s Managing Director, stresses their commitment. He says, “Closing the digital gap isn’t just a mission; it’s a pledge to empower all citizens.” Our 5G FWA Products are technological pioneers in achieving this transformative goal. In urban areas and remote villages alike, these devices ensure seamless wireless broadband connectivity, revolutionizing communication and information access. At HFCL, our dedication to spreading 5G across every corner of India is unyielding. We take pride in our Make in India contributions, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring contemporary technology to the heart of nation-building.”

By 2030, industry experts predict the global 5G FWA market will hit $68 billion. HFCL leads in 5G tech, driving telecom’s future through groundbreaking R&D. Our 5G products boast top-tier tech standards and robust security. It aids global service providers in achieving digital transformation and seamless connectivity.

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