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Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet is gearing up to connect directly to your mobile devices, marking a significant development for the company. The Federal Competition Commission, as reported by PCMag, has granted Starlink an “experimental special temporary authorization” to transmit satellite connectivity to regular T-Mobile phones on the ground. SpaceX, which operates Starlink, has a window of 180 days until June 14 to carry out this pilot program.

In their application, SpaceX explained that this experimental permission is crucial as the Commission evaluates their broader application for providing ongoing space-based supplemental coverage for consumers. The pilot initiative involves linking SpaceX’s direct-to-cellular antennas to test devices using specific frequency bands.

Presently, Starlink primarily serves home and business users with fixed satellite dishes. However, the move to deliver broadband directly to smartphones represents a new frontier, opening doors to various possibilities. While Starlink typically connects through larger user terminals like satellite dishes, SpaceX aims to enhance its satellites with new modules and create smaller, mobile-friendly devices to link with smartphones. These devices would essentially act as intermediaries, capturing the satellite signal and transmitting it to your phone.

T-Mobile holds the exclusive license for the PCS G Block in the United States, according to Starlink. The collaboration involves a spectrum manager lease where T-Mobile authorizes SpaceX to use the PCS G Block for the experiments. SpaceX emphasizes that these experiments with T-Mobile’s consent will utilize the licensed spectrum.

Starlink, in operation for three years, initially focused on providing internet access in remote areas. The company has rapidly expanded, delivering high-speed internet to locations worldwide where reliable, affordable, or any access was previously challenging, expensive, or nonexistent, as highlighted in a post on X.

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