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Breathe Easy: A Simple Homemade Remedy to Tackle Air Pollution

In Northern India, especially in Delhi, the air quality is hitting alarming levels. Health experts strongly advise everyone to wear masks, stay indoors, and prioritize self-care. If you’ve been dealing with coughing, sneezing, or irritation in your throat and eyes, it’s a clear sign to be extra cautious. These are common health issues resulting from air pollution. According to nutritionist Rupali Datta, the antioxidants in our lungs fight pollution until they’re overwhelmed. After that, pollutants attack our immune and body cells, generating free radicals and causing inflammation.

Datta suggests a straightforward solution: consuming nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, carotenoids, and minerals. These nutrients can counteract threats and enhance lung health. Here, we’ll share a simple kadha (herbal concoction) recipe to help you combat air pollution. The ingredients include mulethi, ajwain, ginger, and jaggery.

Ajwain-Mulethi Kadha: A Natural Shield for Your Lungs

Our Indian kitchen, with its rich heritage, holds the key to many health remedies. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra has crafted a kadha using common kitchen ingredients that may help prevent inflammation, respiratory problems, and combat the effects of poor air quality.

Ajwain’s Role in Lung Health:

Ajwain contains essential oils like thymol and carvacrol, effective against fungal and viral growth. Batra notes that these oils also relieve coughing caused by air pollution.

Ginger’s Anti-Inflammatory Boost:

Ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aids in toxin removal from the body. This can significantly reduce lung damage caused by inflammation.

Mulethi’s Multi-Faceted Benefits:

Mulethi boasts antibacterial, antiviral, anti-allergic, and anti-inflammatory properties, combating respiratory infections. It not only lowers lung inflammation but also provides relief from congestion.

Jaggery’s Respiratory Support:

Jaggery, beneficial for those with breathing issues, has anti-allergic properties that detoxify and relax respiratory muscles. According to Batra, it helps soothe throat irritation from air pollution.

DIY Kadha Recipe for Lung Health:

Creating this kadha is a breeze. You’ll need a three-inch piece of mulethi, one teaspoon of ajwain, a half-inch piece of ginger, and a teaspoon of jaggery. Embrace this natural remedy to fortify your lungs against the challenges of air pollution. Breathe easy with the goodness of these simple ingredients from your kitchen.

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