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Lots of young folks often think about how they can become government officials, especially IAS officers. If you’re keen on this job, there are clear steps you must take.

First things first, you should complete your undergraduate degree from a well-known university before you’re eligible to apply for the UPSC exam. This test is essential if your goal is to become an IAS officer. It’s a good idea to start getting ready for this exam right after finishing your 12th grade. This increases your chances of passing it on your first try.

Achieving success in the IAS exam at a young age can greatly boost your career. It might also unlock doors for you to potentially become the Cabinet Secretary, which holds the top position in the UPSC hierarchy in India.

Let’s talk about what you need to be eligible:

1. Age Limit: You need to be at least 21 years of age, but not older than 32 years old. But there is some relaxation in the age limit for OBC and SC/ST candidates.

– For the General Category: You should be no older than 32 years and also can have up to 6 tries.
– For the OBC Category: Maximum age of OBC Category candidate 35 years, with 9 attempts.
– For the SC/ST Category: Maximum age of SC/ST Category 37 years, with unlimited attempts.

2.Education Requirement: You must have a real bachelor’s degree. Even if you’re waiting for your last year’s results, you can still take part in the UPSC Prelims test.

Here are some tips to help you become an IAS officer:

– Understand Civil Services: Discover the essence of being a civil servant. If you can, have conversations with present-day IAS officers to understand their daily experiences and tasks.

– Choose Your Subjects: Check the UPSC syllabus and match your college subjects accordingly. Subjects like history and politics can be very helpful for the General Studies paper.

– Optional Subjects: Take a look at the choices of subjects you can select from for the UPSC Mains exam. Choose one that catches your attention and that you feel at ease with.

– Read a Lot: Study important subjects like public administration and economics. Read recommended UPSC books and keep up with current events through newspapers like “The Hindu.”

– Improve Communication Skills: The interview for UPSC is really important, and being able to communicate well is key. Don’t forget to focus on having a positive outlook too.

– Take Notes and Practice: Try making notes while studying and work on solving old exam papers to see how you’re doing and change your preparation accordingly.

Now, let’s break down the steps to become an IAS officer:

1. Apply for UPSC Civil Services Exam: Once you’re done with your college degree, you’ll have to complete a form to apply for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. This test takes place once every year.

2. The first step of the UPSC Exam is called the Preliminary Exam. This part consists of two papers: CSAT and General Studies. CSAT is only for passing the test, while your ranking in General Studies depends on how well you perform.

3.Once you pass the first test, called the Preliminary exam, you move on to the next level called the UPSC Mains. At this stage, there are nine different papers you have to deal with. But you have the freedom to choose and attempt only two out of these nine papers. The maximum score you can get in the Mains is 1750 marks.

4. Training for IAS Officers: Once you clear all the exam levels, you begin your journey as a trainee for the role of an IAS Officer. You’ll go through a learning process, starting with the basics, and gradually transform into an IAS officer during your training.

Becoming an IAS officer requires putting in a lot of effort, but by having a proper strategy and getting ready in the right way, you can achieve your aim.

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