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As India’s cricket team prepares to face Pakistan in the upcoming Asia Cup and World Cup matches over the next few months, well-known spin bowler Anil Kumble emphasized the significance of treating these matches just like any other typical cricket game. Speaking in Bengaluru, Kumble pointed out that despite the fierce competition between the two teams, it’s vital to remain relaxed and composed.

Anil Kumble is well-known for his outstanding performances against Pakistan in both Test and One Day International (ODI) formats. He took 81 wickets in 15 Tests, with a special moment of 10 wickets in an inning (10/74) in 1999 at New Delhi.

In the ODIs, Kumble took 54 wickets in 34 matches against Pakistan, showcasing his skills as a talented and impactful bowler against their rivals.

Kumble said, “Back then, we’d rather lose to Kenya than Pakistan.” Players felt pressure and high expectations.” The key is to view it as just another game.”

He made these comments while attending the launch event of the book “Pitchside,” written by cricket administrator Amrit Mathur. Other cricket figures like VVS Laxman and Syed Kirmani were also present at the event.

Kumble fondly remembers his remarkable achievement of taking 10 wickets in a match against Pakistan. “I didn’t aim for 10 wickets, despite bowler’s dream. I focused. Next Test vs. Pakistan, I couldn’t take one.” That’s the unpredictable nature of cricket.”

In that subsequent match, Kumble’s performance was not as successful, as he only managed to take 1 wicket for 139 runs, and Pakistan won by 46 runs in Kolkata, February 1999.

During a tour to Pakistan in 2004, the Indian team received very tight security. The team manager at the time, Amrit Mathur, recalled the extensive measures taken for their safety. He mentioned police vehicles escorting the team bus, a helicopter above, security forces at various points, and snipers positioned on buildings along the route to the stadium, particularly in Karachi. Despite the high level of security, the tour went smoothly.

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