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A recent intercepted phone call sheds light on a concerning incident involving Russian soldiers in Ukraine. Ukrainian military intelligence uncovered a conversation where two soldiers discussed a fellow soldier who had turned on his comrades, shooting at them. The call exposed the fragile psychological condition of Russian troops. This revelation adds to a series of reports highlighting the harsh realities of the war in Ukraine and its toll on the soldiers involved.

In the audio recording, one soldier describes how a member of their brigade completely lost control and began firing at fellow unit members. It is still unclear if anyone killed or injured in the incident. However, the comrades reported that they fatally shot the soldier responsible for the shooting.

The conversation begins when one soldier asks why nobody contacted him the day before. The second soldier responds with frustration, recounting an eventful evening where the soldier from the 12th brigade went out of control, threatening to kill them all. The soldiers had no choice but to fatally shoot him in order to neutralize the threat. This disturbing incident serves as evidence of the severe mental strain experienced by Russian troops.

These revelations come in the wake of other reports where Russian soldiers have spoken out about the challenging conditions they face during the war in Ukraine. A video shared on social media showed troops expressing that their commanding officer punished them for refusing to engage in combat. Another video from last month featured a Russian unit declaring their refusal to return to the front lines, highlighting the dwindling numbers of soldiers due to intense fighting.

Furthermore, a Russian general named Ivan Popov, who stated that he had been relieved of his duties, released an audio statement. He alleged that the Ukrainian Army failed to penetrate their front lines, but a senior commander betrayed them from behind, leading to severe damage to the army during a critical and intense moment.

The intercepted phone call offers a distressing glimpse into the mental state of Russian soldiers stationed in Ukraine. The incident involving a soldier turning on his comrades and subsequent reports of challenging conditions and dissent among the troops illustrate the toll of the war on these individuals. It is crucial to acknowledge the human impact of conflicts and seek peaceful resolutions for the well-being of those involved.

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