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Virat Kohli Enjoys the Moment, Dances to Nepali Song in Asia Cup Match

Indian captain Virat Kohli showed his playful side during the India-Nepal match in the Asia Cup on Monday. Even though Nepal gave India a tough fight, Kohli was seen enjoying the moment and even danced to a Nepali song that was playing on the stadium PA system.

The incident happened in the 14th over of Nepal’s innings. Kohli was fielding at long-on when he heard the song “Kutu Ma Kutu” playing. He immediately turned towards the crowd and started dancing to the song. The crowd loved it and cheered him on.

Kohli’s dance moves were simple but effective. He just swayed his hips and shoulders to the beat of the music. He also smiled and laughed, clearly enjoying himself.

The video of Kohli dancing went viral on social media and was widely praised by fans. Many people said that it was refreshing to see Kohli let loose and have some fun.

Kohli’s dance moves also showed his respect for Nepali culture. The song “Kutu Ma Kutu” is a popular Nepali folk song. By dancing to it, Kohli showed that he was enjoying the match and that he was also open to learning about Nepali culture.

Overall, Kohli’s dance moves were a great way to lighten the mood during the match. They showed that he was enjoying himself and that he was also respectful of Nepali culture. It was a refreshing moment in a tense match and it is sure to be remembered by fans for years to come.

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