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Faster and Safer Vande Bharat Trains on the Horizon

In a recent update, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced plans to enhance the speed of Vande Bharat trains. These trains, capable of speeds up to 160 kmph, have faced operational limitations due to signaling, track infrastructure, and fencing constraints.

To enhance safety, we will install protective fencing at sensitive locations, enabling the trains to reach speeds of 110 to 130 kmph. Safety fencing will secure the entire track for speeds exceeding 130 kmph.Vaishnaw stressed the paramount importance of safety in these operations.

The minister, responding to concerns about track safety, outlined the meticulous system in place. This includes modern track structures, regular patrols, ultrasonic flaw detection tests, and mechanized track maintenance.

Vaishnaw affirmed that in 2023, four intentional incidents disrupted railway tracks by placing foreign objects. Legal actions are being taken against those responsible. The Railway Protection Force, working with other agencies, actively ensures train operations’ safety.

Vaishnaw clarified that decisions about new train services and stops, including Vande Bharat services, are dynamic. Factors like traffic demand, operational feasibility, and resource availability guide these choices.

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