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Tesla announced that Zachary Kirkhorn, who had been working with the company for 13 years, has decided to step down from his position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Instead, Vaibhav Taneja, who is currently responsible for managing the company’s finances, will take over as the new CFO. This news caused Tesla’s stock to drop slightly by 1% before the trading session began.

Kirkhorn’s departure from the CFO role took place last Friday, but he will continue to be a part of the Tesla team until the end of this year. The exact reason for his departure was not provided by the company.

In a post on LinkedIn, Kirkhorn expressed his pride in the work accomplished during his time with Tesla: “Being part of this company has been an extraordinary journey, and I’m really pleased with the achievements we’ve made together since I joined more than a decade ago.”

Vaibhav Taneja originally became a part of Tesla when the company acquired SolarCity back in 2016. Besides his current position as Chief Accounting Officer, he will also take on the role of CFO.

This change in leadership aims to continue Tesla’s ongoing efforts in the electric vehicle industry and related sectors.

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