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Last night, Russia sent 21 drones and three cruise missiles towards Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s Air Force. Fortunately, they managed to destroy all the drones and two of the missiles before they could reach their targets. The drones, called Shahed, were headed to the Khmelnitskyi region, while the missiles were aimed at southern Ukraine.

The Khmelnitskyi region is where Ukraine has an air base. The Air Force shared this information on the Telegram messaging app. They mentioned that while the third missile wasn’t destroyed, it also didn’t reach its intended target. However, there are no additional details on this.

It’s important to note that Reuters couldn’t independently confirm Ukraine’s report, and there haven’t been any immediate reports of damage from falling debris.

Earlier on the same day, Russia’s defense ministry reported that a frigate from its Black Sea Fleet launched an attack using four cruise missiles on Ukraine’s military infrastructure. However, it wasn’t clear when this attack occurred. The Russian defense ministry tends to release information with some delay.

According to Ukraine’s navy, the three cruise missiles from Russia were launched from the Kherson region, which borders the Black Sea. Parts of this region have been under Russian control since the start of the conflict 21 months ago.

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