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Islamabad: Just a few days after the decision about the Toshakhana case, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has shared some news. He plans to sell the valuable presents collected in the national treasure. The money he gets from this will be used to help people who don’t have much money and are struggling.

“I want to let everyone know that we’re going to auction off all the expensive gifts stored in Toshakhana. The money we get from this will go directly to support orphaned children. We will ensure that it reaches locations such as schools, hospitals, and other places that support children who don’t have parents,” clarified Prime Minister Sharif. He talked about this when he met with a group of people who work in newspapers and broadcasting.

The Prime Minister also shared that when his government started, things were really tough because the country’s money situation wasn’t good. The various groups of politicians who joined hands in his administration didn’t fully understand the difficulties they were about to face.

Toshakhana stores valuable gifts from other countries. They give these to important people in Pakistan – like leaders, officials, and politicians. The government has been taking care of these gifts since 1974.

It’s important to mention that Imran Khan, who used to be the head of another political party, got into some legal trouble related to Toshakhana. A court in Islamabad has found him guilty of wrongdoing and has given him a three-year prison sentence. He has also received an order to pay 100,000 Pakistani rupees due to the court investigating a complaint. The complaint said that Imran Khan wasn’t honest about the presents he got from Toshakhana.

Because of this, the group that takes care of elections in Pakistan said that Imran Khan can’t be a part of politics for the next five years. This happened last week after the court’s decision.

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