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Former players Moin Khan and Wasim Akram criticized Pakistan’s poor fielding in their loss to Afghanistan.

The team dropped several catches and made other lapses in the field, which cost them crucial runs.

Khan blamed it on poor planning and lack of importance to the players’ fitness standards.

“We could all see that the players seemed really tired and not energetic enough to do proper fielding,” Moin stated on the sports channel ‘A Sports’ in Pakistan.

“The big issue is that you went on the Sri Lanka tour (before the World Cup) in such a humid climate, and it lasted for three long months! We’ve all been there, and it’s just exhausting. You started with the Test series, then went up against Afghanistan, without giving any chances to the young players. Moreover, you agreed to the hybrid model for the Asia Cup, which was also in Sri Lanka,” expressed the ex-Pakistani wicketkeeper.

Akram, who has been emphasizing the need for thorough fitness evaluations for players, completely supports his former teammate Moin’s views.

“Take a look at how fit the Pakistani players are. We’ve been emphasizing on this for the past three weeks on our show. In the last two years, there haven’t been any fitness tests. Should I mention specific names?” – This is what the legendary fast bowler had to say.

“Look, you’re professionals representing your country, and you’re being paid for it. So, there should be some basic standards to meet. When Misbah ul Haq was the coach, he had a system to check how fit players were. They might not have liked it, but it made a difference. Fielding largely depends on fitness, and that’s where we’re falling short. It’s a regrettable situation,” commented Akram.

Pakistan’s poor fielding performance has been a major concern for the team throughout the tournament. They have dropped several catches and made other lapses in the field, which has cost them crucial runs.

In their match against Afghanistan, they dropped at least three catches, including one of Najibullah Zadran, who went on to score a match-winning century.

Fans and pundits alike criticized Pakistan’s poor fielding performance. Many have called for the team to improve their fielding standards if they want to be successful in the tournament.

What can Pakistan do to improve their fielding?

There are a few things that Pakistan can do to improve their fielding.

First, they need to make sure that all of their players are in good physical condition. This means having a proper fitness regime in place and ensuring that all of the players are following it.

Second, they need to practice fielding regularly. This includes practicing catching, throwing, and ground fielding.

Third, they need to have a clear fielding strategy in place for each match. This includes knowing where to place their fielders and how to bowl to each batsman.

Finally, they need to be mentally focused and alert in the field. This means being aware of their surroundings and being ready to react to any situation.

If Pakistan can improve their fielding, it will give them a much better chance of winning matches.

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