NCP Crisis Live News Updates, July 5: Ajit Pawar, while addressing a meeting of NCP leaders, said all MLAs are in touch with him, even those attending the meeting with Sharad Pawar.

NCP crisis LIVE: Amid differing claims over the number of supporting MLAs, two factions of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) have issued a whip for the show of strength today.

Latest News Update on NCP Crisis, July 5:

In the ongoing NCP crisis, Sharad Pawar questioned the BJP’s alliance despite past accusations of corruption. He emphasized the importance of nurturing new leaders and advised party workers to focus on building the future. In a significant meeting, Ajit Pawar expressed his aspiration to become Chief Minister and confirmed that his faction would retain the party’s name and symbol.

Right now, 14 elected representatives (MLAs) have come together to show their backing for Sharad Pawar. They are gathered at the YB Chavan Centre. On the other hand, 29 MLAs are showing their support for Ajit Pawar. They have gathered at the Mumbai Education Trust. What surprised many is that an independent MLA named Devendra Bhuyar, who is known to be close to Ajit Pawar, met with Sharad Pawar at the YB Chavan Centre. Another NCP MLA named Ashok Pawar, who was present at Ajit Pawar’s recent swearing-in event, has also decided to join Sharad Pawar’s side. Despite having more MLAs, the rebel leader falls short of the required two-thirds majority to claim control of the NCP.

In response to internal dissent, Eknath Shinde has called for a meeting of Shiv Sena legislators and party leaders at his official residence, Varsha Bungalow, to address concerns regarding the inclusion of NCP legislators led by Ajit Pawar in the cabinet.

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