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Shami’s Spectacular Show: A Bowling Masterclass Unfolds

In a recent World Cup semifinal at the Wankhede Stadium, cricket fans witnessed the struggle of renowned bowlers like Trent Boult and Tim Southee against New Zealand’s openers. The flat wicket seemed unforgiving, and even world-class pacers like Bumrah and Siraj found it challenging. Then entered Mohammed Shami, and the dynamics shifted dramatically.

Mohammed Shami: The Unseen Hero of India’s World Cup Journey

Amidst the challenge of a flat wicket and unfavorable conditions, Mohammed Shami emerged as the star of the show in the World Cup. His impeccable deliveries and strategic moves left batsmen puzzled. Shami’s remarkable 7-57 in a crucial match not only set a record but also showcased his prowess as one of the best white-ball fast bowlers globally.

The Untold Story: Shami’s Journey from Sidelines to Stardom

While Shami’s incredible performance is now the talk of the town, the mystery lies in why he spent the first four games on the bench. Unraveling this enigma, Shami’s childhood coach, Badruddin Siddiqui, sheds light on how Shami embraced this waiting period, eventually proving himself as the bowler of the tournament with unmatched stamina and precision.

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