The news was shared in a blog post on Microsoft Bing’s website, marking six months since the generative AI tool became accessible.

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Microsoft has some exciting news! They’re getting ready to bring Bing Chat, which uses smart computer programs, to other web browsers like Safari and Chrome. This means people who use those browsers can also use Bing’s smart chat system. Before this, they were testing a similar chat tool, kind of like ChatGPT, on those browsers.

Bing is really proud of this new step. They’re saying it’s a way to show off how good their smart system is at giving short answers and making pictures. They’re making sure it works well for different browsers and trying to make it even better.

This announcement came in a blog post from the Bing team. They’re celebrating six months of having this smart chat tool. So far, people have had over 1 billion chats with it and used it to make 750 million pictures. This tool is powered by something called DALL.E. Instead of needing a special browser to use it, Microsoft wants to let more people use it on regular browsers on computers and phones.

The new Bing Chat now has more cool things after being around for six months. If you use the Edge browser, you can have longer conversations and see your past chats. There’s also a dark mode, which is easier on your eyes and uses less power. You can even use pictures in your chats now. For example, you can show a picture of something and ask questions about it. Like, if you have a picture of a famous building, you can ask for more information about it.

Microsoft has made their smart chat system better for businesses too. It can now give real answers with proof, show where it got the information, and protect important business information.

Microsoft has been a leader in making smart computer programs with the help of a company called OpenAI. They use these smart programs in things like their Edge browser, the Azure cloud services, and Office programs. Now, they’re letting other browsers use these smart programs too. This way, more people can enjoy helpful chatbots on their computers and phones.

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