Before you reach out for your next cup of lemon tea, take a moment to go through this article and jot down some points. Just keep on reading.

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If you chat with tea enthusiasts, you’ll discover that each person has their special method of preparing and savoring it. Some folks prefer their tea simple, with no extras, while others adore powerful and zesty masala chai. This type of tea includes milk, spices, and a good amount of sugar. Then there are those who like to make their black or green tea special by adding a little lemon. This is called lemon tea, and a lot of people like it, both in India and in other places. Hey there! Guess what? Lemon tea isn’t always as good for you as you might think. Yep, you heard it right! So, before you cozy up with a lemon tea, take a moment to check out this article. We’re going to dive into some interesting stuff about it. So, don’t stop reading now!

Is Lemon Tea Not Good for Your Health?

Lemons and tea leaves are bursting with antioxidants, which are like tiny protectors for your body. This is why we usually squeeze some lemon juice into our tea when we want to shed some pounds. But there’s more to it than that. Lemon also makes the tea taste better. However, experts have different opinions on this.Tea contains tannins that can increase your need to urinate. This could upset your tummy and cause troubles such as heartburn and other problems with how your body breaks down food. However, lemons are tangy. When you add them to tea, they make the tea more sour. In Ayurveda, there’s a term called “virudh anna.” This term describes what happens when you combine two things that are similar in nature and end up disrupting the balance of vata, pitta, and kapha in your body.

Possible Reactions When Adding Lemon to Your Tea

1. Aggravated Digestion Problems:

When you squeeze some lemon juice into your tea, it can make your body’s acid levels go up. This might cause your digestion to slow down a bit.This might lead to issues like heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, and even constipation.

2. Risk of Dehydration:

Higher acid levels not only affect metabolism but also cause the body to lose more fluids. This might mess up how much water is in your body, causing different health issues. Excessive lemon tea consumption might lead to headaches and discomfort.

3. Impact on Teeth:

The sour stuff in lemons can hurt your tooth protection. When mixed with tea, this sourness makes your tooth armor break down faster, maybe leading to tooth problems. You could also feel sharp pain and increased sensitivity after having lemon tea.

4. Effect on Bone Health:

Lemons might make your body get rid of calcium when you pee. When you put it in your tea, it can cause your body to take in more aluminum from the tea than it normally would. These factors increase toxin levels in the body, directly affecting bone health.

In Conclusion:

After reading this, are you considering quitting your beloved beverage altogether? While those with existing digestion problems might want to avoid it, others should consult experts to find the best way and right amount to enjoy lemon tea without negative effects. Remember, excessive consumption can harm your health. Therefore, ensure you make knowledgeable decisions and enjoy long-lasting well-being.

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