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At the India Mobile Congress 2023, Reliance Jio Chairman Akash Ambani presented a number of key figures that highlight the company’s growth and impact on the Indian telecom sector. These figures showcase Jio’s commitment to innovation, affordability, and accessibility.

Key figures
  • 1 billion users: Jio is the only mobile operator in the world with over 1 billion users. This achievement is a testament to Jio’s success in making mobile internet accessible and affordable for millions of Indians.
  • 500 million data users: Jio has over 500 million data users, which is the highest in the world. This demonstrates the growing demand for mobile internet in India and Jio’s position as the leading provider of data services.
  • 40% market share: Jio has a market share of over 40% in the Indian telecom sector. This makes Jio the largest mobile operator in India.
  • 1.3 billion digital transactions per day: Jio’s digital payments platform, JioMoney, processes over 1.3 billion digital transactions per day. This makes JioMoney one of the leading digital payments platforms in India.
  • $80 billion investment in Jio: Reliance Industries has invested over $80 billion in Jio. This investment has helped Jio to build a world-class telecom network and offer innovative services to its users.
  • 100 million JioFiber users: JioFiber, Jio’s broadband service, has over 100 million users. This makes JioFiber the largest broadband provider in India.
  • 100% coverage of 4G and 5G networks: Jio has 100% coverage of 4G and 5G networks in India. This makes Jio the only mobile operator in India to offer nationwide 5G coverage.

These key figures demonstrate Jio’s leadership in the Indian telecom sector and its commitment to providing innovative and affordable services to its users. Jio is playing a key role in driving India’s digital transformation.

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