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India Imposes 5-Year Import Tax on Chinese Steel

In a bid to safeguard its domestic steel industry, the Indian government has introduced a 5-year import duty on various steel products from China, effective from September 26, 2023. The duty rates will vary between 5% and 20%.


India’s decision to impose import duties stems from the need to protect its local steel sector, which has been grappling with stiff competition from low-priced steel imports originating in China. In 2022 alone, India imported steel worth $78.91 million from China, making it the largest steel supplier to the country.

Impact on Prices and Industries

While this import duty is expected to elevate steel prices in India, it could potentially result in higher costs for products and services reliant on steel, including construction materials, automobiles, and appliances. Despite this, the government maintains that safeguarding the domestic steel industry’s interests takes precedence over potential price hikes.

Economic Significance

The steel industry plays a crucial role in India’s economy, employing millions and contributing approximately 2% to the nation’s GDP. The government anticipates that the import duty will breathe new life into the domestic steel sector and generate employment opportunities.

Reactions and Criticisms

The Indian steel industry has welcomed this move, having persistently sought protection against the inflow of inexpensive Chinese steel imports. However, some economists argue that the import duty might lead to higher costs for consumers and businesses.

Government Support

The Indian government’s commitment to the steel sector extends beyond import duties. It includes subsidies, tax incentives, and investments in research and development aimed at enhancing the industry’s competitiveness.

Challenges and Prospects

The Indian steel industry faces numerous challenges, such as the influx of cheap Chinese imports, escalating raw material expenses, and environmental regulations. Nonetheless, the government believes in the sector’s potential to play a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth.

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