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Imran Khan Allegedly Orchestrated May 9 Unrest to Oust Military Leader, Says Insider Usman Dar

On May 9, 2023, supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan caused chaos in Pakistan. They protested his removal from office, setting fire to many military and state buildings and injuring hundreds of people.

Now, a close aide to Khan has alleged that the former PM himself orchestrated the unrest in an attempt to oust the country’s military leader, General Asim Munir. Usman Dar, who served as the head of Khan’s Tiger Force, a youth volunteer organization, made the explosive claims in a television interview on October 5, 2023.Dar claimed Khan plotted unrest for months, visiting PTI workers’ homes to discuss attacks. He also alleged that Khan had provided his supporters with weapons and ammunition.

“Allegations Against Khan Spark Controversy and Concerns in Pakistan”

Dar’s allegations have sent shockwaves through Pakistan, and have raised serious questions about Khan’s role in the May 9 violence. The former PM has denied the allegations, calling them “false and baseless.” However, Dar has insisted that he is telling the truth, and has even offered to provide evidence to support his claims.

If Dar’s allegations are true, it would mean that Khan was involved in a serious act of sedition. “It would make us wonder about his mental condition because he was ready to create chaos to stay in control.”


Dar’s allegations are serious and far-reaching. If this is accurate, it suggests Khan plotted to topple the government and become a dictator. The allegations have also raised questions about the role of the military in Pakistani politics.

It remains to be seen whether Dar’s allegations will be substantiated. However, they have undoubtedly damaged Khan’s reputation and have further destabilized Pakistan’s already fragile political landscape.

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