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Imran Khan’s Lawyer, PML-N Senator Engage in Fistfight on Live TV

In a shocking incident, Imran Khan’s lawyer, Babar Sattar, and PML-N Senator, Rana Maqbool Ahmed, engaged in a fistfight on live TV during a political talk show. The two were discussing the current political situation in Pakistan when they got into a heated argument. Sattar accused Ahmed of being a liar and a corrupt politician, while Ahmed called Sattar a puppet of Imran Khan.

The argument quickly escalated, and the two men started trading insults. Sattar then stood up and threw a punch at Ahmed, who retaliated in kind. The two men traded punches for several seconds before they were pulled apart by the other guests on the show.

The incident has been widely condemned by politicians and social media users alike. Many have called for the two men to be suspended from their positions, while others have demanded an apology.


The fistfight between Babar Sattar and Rana Maqbool Ahmed is a sign of the deep political divisions in Pakistan. The two men are from opposing political parties, and their fight is symbolic of the larger conflict between the PTI and PML-N.

The incident is also a reflection of the poor state of political discourse in Pakistan. Politicians are increasingly resorting to personal attacks and insults, rather than engaging in civil debate. This is creating a toxic atmosphere that is not conducive to healthy democracy.

The fistfight has also raised concerns about the safety of journalists and media workers in Pakistan. The fact that the incident happened on live TV shows that there is a real risk of violence against journalists who cover politics.

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