On Monday afternoon at Nuh Chowk, a big bunch of around 80 cars and motorcycles had a fight with the police. The police had blocked them from getting to a Shiv temple in Nalhar. Here’s what happened step by step:

10am | Thousands of people gathered for the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, which starts from Nalhar in Nuh. The Yatra is about going to different temples in the area and wrapping up by evening.

12pm | A few folks in the gathering began yelling out strong phrases that made others upset. This led to some people throwing stones. This conflict reportedly began at Khedla Mod in Nuh.

4pm | The fights grew worse and extended throughout the entire area of Nuh. Several vehicles, police stations, shops, and petrol pumps were set on fire. A few individuals also shot guns into the sky.

5.30pm | The Haryana government decided to suspend mobile internet and SMS services in Nuh until August 2 due to the intense tension between different communities, which posed a threat to people’s lives and property.

At 6 pm, The fighting extended to nearby areas like Sohna in Gurgaon, Hodal in Palwal, and Ballabgarh in Faridabad. A group of individuals attempted to obstruct the Rajiv Chowk intersection on a road named NH-8, but the police managed to disperse the gathering and remove them from the area.

8.30pm | The Gurgaon deputy commissioner issued a warning against sharing any online posts that could spread rumors and provoke more violence.

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