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Feeling a bit low, unsure, and not sure where to turn? Don’t worry! Google is working on a cool new AI chatbot that could become like your friendly and wise companion to have a chat with.

Google is making a clever chatbot using AI smarts, similar to Bard and ChatGPT. This chatbot could assist you with various things you need help with in your life. The Google team is busy developing 21 different tasks that the chatbot could handle, like offering advice and suggestions for both personal and work-related matters.

To see if the chatbot is great at tackling personal questions, Google is teaming up with a company called Scale AI. These folks have a team of over 100 experts who know a lot about many different things.

You might be wondering about the types of questions the chatbot can handle. Here’s an example: “My dear friend is getting married, but I can’t afford to attend the wedding. How can I let her know?”

Google wants this chatbot to help you brainstorm ideas that match your specific situation. It could also be handy for picking up new knowledge and creating plans. For instance, it might guide you in making a spending plan, planning meals, or establishing an exercise regimen.

Unlike OpenAI’s Bard, Google is taking extra care with their chatbot. They’re advising against relying on it for serious matters like medical, legal, or financial advice.

Back in December, Google’s experts who specialize in AI safety cautioned that depending too heavily on AI for life advice might not be good for your overall well-being. They also noted that if people use it excessively, they might start thinking of the AI as a clever human.

Google frequently collaborates with other companies to ensure their new creations are safe and helpful. A DeepMind representative stated Google evaluates multiple facets together, so one test can’t uncover all about the new chatbot.

So, it seems these new chatbot tools are still in the testing phase and might not yet be accessible to everyone.

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