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Chinese airlines are offering $1 tickets for three-hour flights due to a technical issue. The glitch affected China Southern Airlines’ app and other online ticketing platforms, and allowed passengers to book tickets for as little as 10 yuan ($1.37).

The issue occurred on Wednesday, November 9, 2023, which coincided with China’s busiest period for online shopping. China Southern Airlines has since confirmed that all tickets sold during the glitch will be honored.

Ticket Pricing Glitch Disrupts Domestic Flights in China

The glitch affected a number of domestic flights, including routes from Chengdu to Shanghai and Guangzhou to Shenzhen. Screenshots of the discounted tickets were shared widely on social media, and many passengers were able to book tickets for a fraction of their usual price.

China Southern Airlines has not disclosed the cause of the glitch, but it is believed to have been fixed within a few hours. The airline has also apologized to passengers for any inconvenience caused.


The offer of $1 tickets for three-hour flights is a rare opportunity for passengers in China. Tickets for domestic flights can be expensive, and the discounted tickets represent a significant saving.

However, it is important to note that the glitch only affected a limited number of flights and tickets. The offer is no longer available, and passengers who were not able to book a discounted ticket will need to pay the full price.

Additional Information:
  • The glitch affected flights on Wednesday, November 9, 2023.
  • Tickets were sold for as little as 10 yuan ($1.37).
  • The glitch affected domestic flights operated by China Southern Airlines.
  • All tickets sold during the glitch will be honored.
  • The glitch is believed to have been fixed within a few hours.
Tips for Travelers:
  • Be aware of glitches and technical issues that can occur when booking flights online.
  • If you see a discounted ticket, book it quickly as the offer may not be available for long.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the ticket before booking to ensure that it is valid.
  • Be patient and understanding if there are any problems with your booking.

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