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Capgemini has introduced a new set of services called “generative AI portfolio” to help their clients grow their businesses using generative AI, which is a technology that creates content or data rather than simply analyzing existing information.

Here’s what the generative AI portfolio includes:

1. Generative AI Strategy: This strategy enables top executives (CXOs) to determine how to best utilize generative AI for their businesses. It assists them in recognizing the most crucial use cases in which generative AI can bring benefits. They can understand the actual value that generative AI provides and get ready to invest effectively in all aspects – people, processes, and technology. At the same time, they will manage any potential risks.

2. Generative AI for Customer Experience: This part of the portfolio enables businesses to greatly enhance their customer interactions. It includes the utilization of four specialized AI assistants:
– A “synthetic design assistant” that produces customized designs for customers.
– Tailored chatbots for improved self-service and customer support.
– An assistant for content and knowledge to elevate customer care services.
– An assistant knowledgeable about products and offers that aids sales teams in performing at their best.

3. Generative AI in Software Engineering: This section aims to enhance the efficiency and quality of software development. It encompasses the complete software life cycle, starting from designing and coding to testing, deploying, and managing operations. It reduces the time needed to introduce new software to the market and assists companies in updating outdated software systems. Moreover, it plays a role in detecting and rectifying security concerns, thereby bolstering software’s resilience against potential attacks.

4. Custom Generative AI for Enterprises: For businesses that deal with sensitive data, this part of the portfolio offers a solution to deploy customized generative AI assistants. These assistants are tailor-made to use their unique data and knowledge, which can have a big impact on their business value. Capgemini has created a platform that combines pre-trained open large foundation models (LFMs) with a client’s proprietary data. By fine-tuning these models, AI solutions can generate reliable outputs. This improves customer experience, speeds up research, development efforts, and boosts performance in support and other business functions.

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