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In a recent interview, US President Joe Biden cautioned against Israel’s potential reoccupation of the Gaza Strip, stating that it would be a significant mistake. Israel had initiated a military campaign in response to an attack by the militant group Hamas, leading to widespread bombing and displacement in Gaza.

Biden emphasized that Hamas does not represent all Palestinians. He acknowledged the necessity of dealing with extremist elements, but stressed that invading Gaza wouldn’t be the right approach.

The recent conflict has caused immense suffering, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives, mostly civilians. There are serious concerns about the potential humanitarian crisis and the difficulty of differentiating between militants and ordinary people in the densely populated area.

Gaza has a troubled history, having been under Israeli control for many years before being returned to Palestinian authority. However, a blockade has been in place since 2006, severely restricting movement in and out of the area.

Biden reiterated the need for a Palestinian state and a path to peace, emphasizing the importance of eliminating Hamas while also establishing a Palestinian authority.

The US president emphasized America’s commitment to support Israel’s robust military capabilities and clarified that American troops wouldn’t directly engage in the conflict. The US has already demonstrated its backing by deploying two aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean.

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