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Sri Lankan Cricket Star Angelo Mathews Questions ‘Timed Out’ Ruling, Seeks Justice

Sri Lankan cricket star Angelo Mathews has questioned the controversial ‘timed out’ ruling that cost him his wicket during the recent ODI series against India. The umpire ruled Mathews out even though replays clearly showed that an Indian fielder obstructed him from returning to the crease in time.

Mathews has expressed his disappointment with the decision, stating that it was unfair and unjust. He has also called for an investigation into the matter, claiming that there was a deliberate attempt to prevent him from returning to the crease.

In recent times, many players and pundits have been calling for the scrapping of the ‘timed out’ ruling, which has caused controversy. The rule states that a batsman is out if he is unable to return to the crease within three minutes of the fall of a wicket. However, several instances exist where fielders obstructed batsmen, leading to them being timed out.

Mathews’ case is just the latest in a long line of examples of the unfairness of the ‘timed out’ ruling. It is time for the ICC to take action and either scrap the rule or make significant changes to it.

Here are some additional points to consider:
  • The ‘timed out’ ruling is subjective and open to interpretation. This can lead to inconsistencies in its application.
  • Fielders who deliberately obstruct batsmen can easily exploit the rule.
  • The rule is unfair to batsmen who are genuinely trying to get back to the crease.

It is clear that the ‘timed out’ ruling is in need of reform. The ICC needs to ensure fair and consistent application of the rule.

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