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Anant Raj Ltd is gearing up for a significant financial move, aiming to raise up to Rs 500 crore from institutional investors. The company is seeking approval from shareholders through a special resolution, though the specific purpose of this fundraising remains undisclosed.

Details of Fundraising:

In a recent regulatory filing, Anant Raj Ltd outlined its plan to issue equity shares or other convertible securities via a Qualified Institutions Placement (QIP). The board gave the green light for a maximum issuance limit of Rs 500 crore. An Extraordinary General Meeting will seek shareholders’ approval via special resolution.

Expansion Projects:

Along with these financial advancements, Anant Raj has some thrilling expansion plans in progress. The company is set to launch three housing projects in Gurugram and Andhra Pradesh over the next 6-9 months, estimating a sales value of Rs 4,000 crore. This strategic move aligns with the growing demand for residential properties.

Gurugram Luxury Housing Project:

A prime venture is our upscale housing effort in Sector 63A, Gurugram. It covers an area of one million square feet, providing lavish and comfortable living spaces.

Township Development in Gurugram:

Anant Raj Ltd also plans to introduce plots and villas, with a saleable area of approximately 1 million sq ft, within its expansive 200-acre township, ‘Anant Raj Estate,’ located in Gurugram.

Affordable Housing Initiatives in Andhra Pradesh:

Expanding beyond Gurugram, the company has initiated the construction of 1,900 affordable housing units in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, showcasing a commitment to diverse and inclusive real estate development.

In summary, Anant Raj Ltd is not only making waves in the financial arena but is strategically positioning itself for growth with a series of diverse and expansive real estate projects. Stay tuned for updates on this dynamic player in the realty sector.

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