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A report from US intelligence has shown that China is helping Russia avoid sanctions imposed by Western countries. It likely supplies military technology to Russia for use in Ukraine. The US House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence made the report public.

The report states that China sends items to Russia, serving both military and non-military purposes. This occurs despite opposing international rules. The things they’re sending include stuff like navigation tools, technology that can mess with communication signals, and pieces for fighter planes. Government-owned Chinese companies dealing with defense are sending these items to Russian defense firms, disregarding the rules forbidding it.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, China has become a much bigger friend to Russia. These two countries have been doing more trade with each other, using China’s money called the yuan, and they are also finding new ways to exchange money within their own borders.

China is buying more of its energy like oil and gas from Russia. This energy was supposed to go to Europe, but it’s now going to China instead.

This report mostly comes from what the media is saying. The Intelligence Community, which consists of vigilant experts, cannot definitively confirm whether China deliberately impedes US control over information sent to Russia.

In the past, people worried that China provided Russia items usable for everyday purposes and warfare implications. But there’s no solid proof that China is actually helping Russia in the war happening in Ukraine.

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